Valley Retail & Leisure Park is proud prioritise the support and funding of biodiversity initiatives to tackle climate change.

From early February we will be removing some of our trees as they are causing damage to the surface of the car park creating a health and safety risk for visitors.  However, knowing the vital role trees play within our eco-system, we want to ensure that we put more back into our planet than we ever remove.

We will use the wood from the trees removed to create habitats on the park that are perfect for local wildlife. Dead wood is increasingly scarce and is a good habitat for fungi, larvae, centipedes, and woodlice, to name a few. Any remaining wood will be used make bark mulch that will be distributed within our shrub beds to nourish the soil and the plants that grow within in.

The trees we remove will be replaced with a different tree species more suitable for the growth area. The new trees will bring colour to the park and support the beginning of our new sustainable landscaping initiatives including bird boxes, hedgehog houses, and bug hotels.

Would you also like to support the wildlife where you live? Whatever your outdoor space, be it a balcony, courtyard or garden, the RSPB have expert tips and tricks to make it a happier place for you – and the nature on your doorstep. Discover more: